Soul instructions

Soul, I instruct you to bless the Lord at all times;

Mind not my eyes which are quick to see the difficulties that lie ahead;

And are sometimes filled with terror at the very thought of them.

Mind not my legs that at times find themselves in the valley of the shadow of death;

Stumbling over rocks with sliding feet.

Soul, I instruct you to bless the Lord at all times;

Mind not my tongue that utters vanity, words contrary to His will and plan for my life;

Unknowingly calling forth into existence things that should not be.

Mind not my mind that sits in desolate places, conjuring scenarios of woe;

That cause even I to cringe in fear.

Soul, I instruct you to bless the Lord at all times;

Mind not my hands that dig up regrets from my past

And languish in re-building sand castles that have already been smashed.

Mind not my wisdom that is pure, un -adulterated foolishness;

Based on past experiences, nothing compared to the promises I have in Him.

Soul, I instruct you to bless the Lord at all times;

Sing His praise continually;

Make your boast in Him and be glad!

Soul, I instruct you to bless the Lord at all times;

So as I look to Him, my face may be lightened and unashamed.



Let us not wait

You hear that one is dead;

So you quickly call your “other” to “check”;

Just to check you say;

But it is really out of fear;

Fear because you are not beyond loss

and neither is your “other”;

It is the realization that life is fleeting

and the next breath can be seized;

Unfortunately, it’s not guaranteed;

It’s a gift;

One a lot of us really do not deserve.

So let us not wait;

Let us not wait till we pick up the telephone

and there’s weeping on the other end;

Let us not wait till we hear the knock on the door

from the men in black;

Let us not wait for the sun to set on our anger;

Let’s not . . . let’s just not;

Let’s just make today count, let’s live it like it’s our last;

Because by the way, who promised us tomorrow?

A squirt of juice.

It’s been a while I wrote anything

This long sabbatical really has no reason

Let’s blame it on life and the fact that there’s never a perfect season

To put pen on paper, or fingers on keyboard.

Let’s blame it on writer’s block

When you write one verse and get stuck

Like you’re sitting with your feet in stocks

Only fidgeting, but never really moving.

So I thought it long and hard

Shall I continue “unwriting”  and ask that the creative juices keep flowing

Shall I continue to imprison the words or allow a jail break

Or shall I bury my head in a hole and squeeze and squeeze till I hear a squirt?

It’s like the smell of victory

The aroma of mama’s freshly made pot of “ese eran” stew

It’s exhilarating, when you put words on paper

Words that once were bound but have now been set free.

I believe in love

I believe in love; 

And oh!, how i love love;

I believe in butterflies in tummies;

And i believe in mushiness.


I believe in the kind of love that breaks rules;

And pushes you out of comfort zones;

I believe that love that is ordained will overcome;

And that love that is true can be seen by all.


I believe that loves knows no tribe or colour;

And looks beyond body shape or face complexion;

I believe that love can be perfect;

And that perfect love knows no fear.


I believe that love can knock you off your feet;

And still help you stand tall;

I believe that love can break a heart;

And only love can mend it again.


I believe that love shouldn’t be so hard;

And true love can only come from the heart;

I believe that many waters cannot quench love;

And that love will always find a way.


I believe that love can be like a fairytale;

And that two people can live happily forever after;

Most of of all, I believe in God; who is love

Who conjoines two hearts and never lets go.


My new found love


Who helped me through those horrible mornings

filled with groaning at the thought of swallowing.


Hot pink beautiful Pap

Who glided down my throat gently

Soothing,massaging,caressing all the way



Who readily made herself available unlike others who

i  had to place on heat for hours.


Gentle cream gracious Pap

Who told me not to worry, in a few days

everything will be fine



Shall i now forget you now that this ordeal is over

Now that i can eat those i need to put on heat for hours?


My darling darling Pap

Our love is in sickness and health

It’s in morning and in night in time


Forever and ever.

My moments in HIS time

My moments in His time are numerous, sort  of like the sands on the seashore, I try to number them but sometimes I lose count. My moments in His time have been pure bliss, sometimes culminating in nights of tears seemingly unending, and of mornings with psweet joy and laughter.

The days fly by,and my memory threatens to walk out on me, but I am reminded of the moment when He chose to save my soul. When he fought that battle and won me whole. Hmmmmm, nothing like young love. Ours was fresh like the morning dew, filled with nights when I could feel His presence in the wind and days when I could hear His voice clear as crystal.

I recall the moment when my heart threatened to fail,when that love that was thought to be the love strayed and walked away. It was His hand that held me up,it was His love that lifted my head like the horn of a unicorn and helped me  love again.

And that moment when Daddy took his last breath,when it seemed like the world was crashing down on little me and He stooped low enough to cradle my sobbing frame and promised from then on to father me.

I am reminded of  the moment when He healed me of that disease,when doctors said “oh let’s’ see how it goes” but He stretched His mighty hand and removed it all, leaving the Doctors with nothing left to see.

It was the moment He supplied that need,when I should have been stranded but He came through for me. It was the moment He opened a door for me when thousands were waiting in line for a window. It is the moments I am yet to see;that walk down the aisle,that look in my husband’s eyes as we exchange our vows. The feel of my children cradled in my arms,my dreams unfolding right before my eyes.

My best moments are yet to be lived,I believe that my best life is on the other side of this divide,to be lived in that life called eternity in the presence of the one who has been everything, the one who makes all my moments beautiful in His time.

“Some moments are nice, some are nicer, some are even worth writing about”- Charles Bukowski,

Waiting for nothing.

Here I am

Pretty Queen procrastination

Sitting atop my throne

Gaily dressed in fantasies

Playing “kalokalo”  with my dreams


Yes it is me

Pretty Queen procrastination

Watching the years fly past

Today, no tomorrow

One day,surely i shall


You are right,it’s still me

Pretty Queen procrastination

Always buying time

Checking the clouds

Waiting a while


Yes, me

Pretty Queen procrastination

Tired of caressing the thoughts in my head

Willing this vexation to take its course

To push the lid and set me free


(Fast forward, after many years of waiting for nothing)


Now this is me

One time pretty Queen procrastination

Lift the veil

Break the jinx

It’s time to live


Please note that this poem could very well end like this:


Here lies Pretty Queen procrastination

Who twiddled her thumbs waiting for the clouds to pass

And rolled her dreams over and over

Till they faded


Here lies Pretty Queen procrastination

Who seized not the moment

But left it all to time and chance

Until there was no tomorrow.


N.B: Nobody promised you tomorrow. Carpe Diem!